How it works

We'll show you how we're going to help you save time

What is PunchlistHero?

PunchlistHero is a website that enables you to quickly and easily manage your lots. You'll be able to keep track of any issues through text and photos, which helps the trades do their job.

Who are we?

We are two guys who started this project 4 years ago in college. Back then it was a simple website to create tables with issues and their corresponding trades. This slowly evolved into a platform which helps the closer save time and the trade to fix any issues.

Why PunchlistHero?

Easy to use

PunchlistHero eliminates the complications and hassles of paperwork. Our easy to use website let’s you manage houses and trade networks from anywhere. Our easy step process saves any information you enter within minutes.

Quickly accessible

Whether you’re in the office or on the go, you can easily access PunchlistHero. Add and manage lots quickly wherever and whenever. Edit details big and small on the go for each home, the process is so quick you can even manage homes while you wait for coffee!

Made for the field

We ensure that our system runs smoothly and efficiently. We test PunchlistHero in the field to be sure it works for you while checking houses. Only the best quality is acceptable for our clients on the go and in the office. You can trust that PunchlistHero will be tested thoroughly by our experts for your benefit.


Our team works to update and improve PunchlistHero to best serve our clients. We test our website often in the field and adjust the site to fit your needs. We strive to fulfill our users needs as the world of housing changes!


Our system's security keeps your data safe. We use the latest two-layer security techniques. When our clients enter their information, the data is filtered through both our visual and processing layers. The data is validated twice and gets encrypted, allowing our clients to securely enter information through our servers.

Saves time

If you’re tired of filling out paperwork multiple times for one house alone, then PunchlistHero is the website for you! Our site saves you time when you add and manage homes. You can add and edit houses from your phone, tablet, or computer, with a few clicks. No more pesky paperwork to fill out for every step of the process. PunchlistHero will save you time by keeping the information you need in one convenient location. And the best part-you only need to enter and save the information for each house one time!

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