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How do I make a punch list?

If you don't know what a punch list is, read "What is a punch list?" before continuing. There are three parts to making a good punch list:

  1. Collect information about the homeowner, the lot, the service, and the closing agent
  2. Collect all tasks to be completed
  3. Assign these tasks to contractors who will complete the work

Collection information about the homeowner, the lot, the service, and the closing agent

You'll want to collect the following things about the homeowner:

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What is a punch list? describes a punch list as “a list of unfinished matters that require attention.”. This means that it could be any list at all, but a lot of the times, people will think of a punch list as a list of unfinished tasks for a new home.

Let’s take that last mean, a list of unfinished tasks for a new home. In this case, a closing agent will go through a new house with the new homeowners and mark everything that’s not finished, not completed to the satisfaction of the homeowner, or just broken. This punch list will then be distributed to contractors (builders, plumbers, electricians, etc.) who will then carry out the tasks on the punch list.

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how-we-help-closers-save-time-with-punch-lists Man on a ladder working on a ceiling

How we help closers save time with punch lists

When you use our punch list software, we help you with a lot of tools and automation. When you share your punch list with a trade for example, you can choose different templates for the sheets. One for the trades, and the other for your own records.

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How to share issues with a trade

This guide continues where "How to create an issue" left off. So finish that guide before continuing with this one. We start off from the issues page, it looks like this:

Screenshot issues page

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How to edit issues

Adding issues on a service sheet can be done in two different ways. The first way is by pressing “Edit issues” on the lots page. You can see the link on the screenshot below:

Screenshot edit issues button

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How to create an issue

Before you continue with this step, be sure you have completed the steps in "How to create a lot", because you'll need a lot to be able to follow along with this guide. When you've completed the previous guide, you'll be on this page:

Screenshot of the lots page

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How to add a lot

The first step of our process is creating a homeowner. This can be done in a few different ways, we'll highlight the different ways here. To start with this process, we're assuming you're starting from the dashboard, it looks like this:

Screenshot of the dashboard

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What is PunchlistHero?

PunchlistHero is a platform to help closers, contractors, home managers, and trades to save time to spend on other things. It all comes down to making a digital punch list that you can supply with photos and send to trades with just a few simple, easy to understand actions.

Enhancing your workflow

When writing a punch list on paper, you have to describe a problem with mere words, but with PunchlistHero you get to use photos to tell your story. You can show trades what you mean, and what needs to be fixed, instead of trying to describe the problem. This doesn't just help you get your point across but helps the trade understand the problem and most likely satisfy the homeowner's needs and wishes. Another happy customer.

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