How to add a lot

The first step of our process is creating a homeowner. This can be done in a few different ways, we'll highlight the different ways here. To start with this process, we're assuming you're starting from the dashboard, it looks like this:

Screenshot of the dashboard

"Quickly add a homeowner"

From the dashboard, click on "Lots" on the left side in the blue menu. If you're viewing the website on your phone, press the menu icon in the top right and then click on "Lots". Now click on "Quickly add a homeowner", fill in the required information, and submit the form. This looks like the image below:

Screenshot of quickly adding a homeowner

And when you click on "Quickly add a homeowner", you'll see:

Screenshot of quickly adding a homeowner open

Adding a homeowner through a form

Another, more comprehensive way to add a homeowner, is by clicking the following button on the Lots page:

Screenshot of add a homeowner button

You're now on the page to add a homeowner by providing more information. When you fill out all information here, the system will automatically create a homeowner, a sheet for all your issues, and appointments for a review and a service.

Screenshot of the add a homeowner form

If you don't want to add an appointment for a review, just leave the review date and time empty. The same goes for the service appointment. If you don't want to add this appointment at this time, you can skip this step. You can create any of these appointments at a later stage.

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