How to create an issue

Before you continue with this step, be sure you have completed the steps in "How to create a lot", because you'll need a lot to be able to follow along with this guide. When you've completed the previous guide, you'll be on this page:

Screenshot of the lots page

If you're not, go to "Lots" in the menu and find the lot you want to create issues for, you're now ready to follow this guide.

The issue form

Here you can see the issue form:

Screenshot of the issue form

The first field is reserved for you to describe the problem you're seeing in the home. The second field, the trade, is where you write down who's going to fix this problem. The system will generate a trade for you when you fill in this field. This will help you to send them an e-mail with their tasks at a later point in time. If you want to, or need to add any images to your issue, you can do so by clicking on the "Drop some photos, or click here" field. On your phone, this will ask you if you want to upload a photo or if you want to take a picture and then upload it. You can add as many photos you need to. When the images are done uploading, you can press the blue button to save your issue.

After you save your issue

When you've saved your issue, it'll show up on your list at the bottom of the page, below is a screenshot of one issue that has photos, and one that doesn't have a photo.

Screenshot of the issue list

You can see here that I've created two issues, the first one is at the bottom, so the newest issue is always at the top. The first issue only has text, the second one also has a photo attached. You've now created issues. The next step is to share your issues with your trades. You can follow the guide "How to share issues with a trade" to see how you do this. if you want to find out how to edit an issue, follow the guide "How to edit an issue".

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