How to share issues with a trade

This guide continues where "How to create an issue" left off. So finish that guide before continuing with this one. We start off from the issues page, it looks like this:

Screenshot issues page

To get started sharing this punch list with a trade, click "Options". You’ll now see an options menu, on a desktop it’s on the right side, and on a phone or tablet, it’ll cover the whole screen. You should now see this:

Screenshot options menu

From here, click on "Print".

The sharing options

You’ll now see a page that has three different sections. The first section is all about the header. The partial header contains all data for the lot, but no data about any of the appointments. It looks like this:

Screenshot partial header

Since we've used the option "Quickly add a homeowner" in the guide "How to add a lot", this guide has very minimal information available, but this is a guide to show the process. If you want to find out how to fill in this information, follow the guide "How to edit a lot". The full header contains the same data as the partial header, but also some information about the appointments. The partial header is usually better for sharing with the trades, while the full header is better for your own records. This is what the full header looks like:

Screenshot full header

The trades section

In the trades section, you can pick which trades you want to share your list with. If you want to send the trades an e-mail, make sure to fill in their e-mail address, otherwise, you’ll be redirected back to this page. If you simply want to see a PDF version of your sheet or want to view your sheet on your screen, you don’t need to fill in an e-mail address.

The presentation section

You can present this punch list in three different ways. Below you can see these three options:

Screenshot presentation section

You can view the sheet on your screen. This will simply show you the issues for the selected trades on your current screen. You can use this to share a link with your trades through an e-mail or to simply preview what you’ll be sending to your trades.

The second option is to send the sheet to your trades by e-mail. If you select this option, make sure you’ve entered the e-mail address of the trade you wish to share this sheet with. When you press "Create print sheet", your default e-mail programme will open and a standard message with a link to the sheet will be inserted in the e-mail. All selected trades will be in the "To" section of your e-mail. This gives you a chance to change the text in your e-mail.

The third option is to generate a PDF of your sheet. You can use this to download your sheet for your own records. We recommend you don’t send this document to your trades, because it won’t be updated after you’ve sent them the sheet. If you simply want to share your issues with them, we recommend using the second option, because this will be updated as you add or edit any issues.

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