What is a punch list?

Dictionary.com describes a punch list as “a list of unfinished matters that require attention.”. This means that it could be any list at all, but a lot of the times, people will think of a punch list as a list of unfinished tasks for a new home.

Let’s take that last mean, a list of unfinished tasks for a new home. In this case, a closing agent will go through a new house with the new homeowners and mark everything that’s not finished, not completed to the satisfaction of the homeowner, or just broken. This punch list will then be distributed to contractors (builders, plumbers, electricians, etc.) who will then carry out the tasks on the punch list.

Usually, a closing agent will do another round of checking with the homeowner, to see if the tasks are completed or if they require more attention. This could be after a few months to a year.

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