What is PunchlistHero?

PunchlistHero is a platform to help closers, contractors, home managers, and trades to save time to spend on other things. It all comes down to making a digital punch list that you can supply with photos and send to trades with just a few simple, easy to understand actions.

Enhancing your workflow

When writing a punch list on paper, you have to describe a problem with mere words, but with PunchlistHero you get to use photos to tell your story. You can show trades what you mean, and what needs to be fixed, instead of trying to describe the problem. This doesn't just help you get your point across but helps the trade understand the problem and most likely satisfy the homeowner's needs and wishes. Another happy customer.

The goal

Our goal is to make your workday more productive, so when you're off work, you don't have to think about work. You can spend this newly found free time on things you enjoy to do. We make your day more productive by doing all the steps in the process, from writing down issues to informing the trades, in one place. This means you’ll be able to record all the issues, assign them to the correct trades, and inform these trades with a few simple actions. This compresses the process from an hour or so down to just a few minutes.

Our process

When we design new features or work on improvements in our platform, the most important thing we work for is: speeding up the process from recording problems to sending the punch lists to trades. The faster we can make this process, the more time we’ll be able to save you. And that’s our goal, saving you as much time on any given day as possible. The second most important thing we keep in mind is simplicity. If our platform is very simple and easy for you to use, you’ll be able to finish your tasks more quickly. So we build a platform that skips as many steps as possible and makes it easy to use and understand.

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